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Volleyball Clothing Store 20 Years
Volleyball Clothing Store Info

GymRats Volleyball opened in April 2000 by a volleyball coach with a vision of creating a company that catered to the volleyball enthusiast looking for volleyball clothing and accessories no matter the age or gender.

He knew that customer service was the next important piece of the puzzle, so he brought in a Disney Manager with a love for volleyball on board.

Over the next few years, GymRats grew steadily online but they really began making their mark at USA Junior Olympic Volleyball tournaments throughout Florida by taking event merchandising from four simple tables to creating a complete volleyball shopping mall experience.  We have been the Official Event Merchandiser for USA Volleyball Florida Region over 10 years!

GymRats Volleyball continues to grow and offer new products while keeping customer service at the forefront of their business.

Contact Us
GymRats, Inc.
6441 S. Chickasaw Trail, Suite 172
Orlando, FL 32829
Tel: 407-925-6876

Hours of Operation
ONLINE STORE ONLY Website/E-mail : 24 Hours/7 Days A Week

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